The Story


Singer/songwriter Bobby Quick from Akron, Ohio is a raw and unapologetic rocker in whose impulsive power pop anthems love is lost and found, life is stumblingly explored and anything goes - all in just under three minutes of vintage garage rock that charms with its naive adolescence and fearless honesty. 

 Hailing from Akron, Ohio, sometimes referred to as "little Liverpool" for having produced such talents as Joe Walsh, Devo, the Cramps, Chrissie Hynde, and the Black Keys, his recording tutelage began with another Akron product, Engineer/Limiter guru Jack Trowbridge. Bobby's band "Zero Parade" landed a deal with Chicago based "Acme Entertainment". The resulting debut album, "Zero Parade" was recorded in Nashville with three time Grammy winner Justin Niebank producing. His singles, "Lemonade" and "Farmers Daughter" quickly became top 6 singles in the CMJ. Over extended financially and with the music industry imploding from digital conversion, Acme went under as the Zero Parade album was crossing to commercial radio. A journey began where the love of writing and recording only grew stronger.

 Bobby Quick and the Speeds of Sound is the result of this lifelong love affair. Teaming up with London based label "The Animal Farm", the music maintains its raw garage rock sound and attitude. New music in the Pipeline!!!!!